We Developed And Use The Body Readiness Ranking System, A Patent Pending System That Gets You The Body You Deserve Without Aches And Pains, Injuries, And Insane Workouts While You Actually Enjoy And Look Forward To Exercising

This Patent Pending Approach Will Match Your Body To The Most Effective And Safe Exercise Routine

How Does The Body Readiness Ranking System work?
It unique system will test your body and nervous system to determine exactly your skill and coordination level at exercise. In the past there has NEVER been a system to determine your skill level. There are tests for strength, flexibility, endurance, muscle imbalances, but nothing for skill… Until now.

By measuring your skill, we can prescribe the right difficulty of exercises to match your capabilities. Without this approach, exercises are commonly prescribed to clients that are either too hard or too easy. Workout that are too hard will lead to injuries because the client’s body and nervous system is not prepared for those exercises. During the workout the joints will be under abnormally high stress due to a lack of control. When your body shakes or it’s not in proper position, the joints are under excessive compression and rubbing. This leads to either an acute injury or even worse, accelerated joint breakdown (AKA Arthritis).

Conversely, if the workouts are too easy, clients lose interest and stop exercising. The Body Readiness Ranking System eliminates these problems by identifying the client’s exact skill level for exercise. The system also allows us to rank every exercise into specific skill levels. For example, if a client is a level 3 skill level, they would do exercises at a level three difficulty. This precise approach to exercise revolutionizes the entire fitness industry and makes prescribing fitness routines a science instead of an art.

We are in the process of creating licensing deals with fitness professionals across the country to improve the training quality nationwide. This system will be the answer to the biggest problem in the fitness industry. There is a total lack of regulation and industry standard. Trainers with PhD work along side trainers with weekend certifications. The lack of licensure and regulation provides consumers with a dangerous environment for injury.

The main motivation for Dr. Steve Young, DPT, CSCS to create this system was to solve this industry problem. Having lectured to thousands of trainers nationwide and seeing the need for this, he devoped this system after more than a decade of research and clinical experience. Dr Young explains, “In the past 10 years as a physical therapist, I’ve seen hundreds of preventable injuries and patients who have been seriously injured while exercising. There’s no way to educate every trainer how to prescribe exercises, but this system does give them the tools to prescribe exercises that won’t injure their clients”.

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We apply the Body Readiness Ranking System to all of our programs for Maximum Safety and Effectiveness.

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