Body Solutions has developed the optimal recovery program to assist any sports athlete, martial artist, or MMA fighter with their training intensity. Now athletes can train harder, more frequent, and longer with improved recovery from those workouts.

latest research in nutrition and medical technology

Utilizing the latest research in nutrition and medical technology, we have pioneered a program that starts the recovery process even before you workout. Using treatments with Light Emitting Diodes (LED) at specific wavelengths, we can minimize muscle inflammation and maximize muscle endurance. Once the workout is completed, the athletes are provided with the optimal all natural nutritional supplements ( to enhance the recovery process at the cellular level. This will restore the muscle fuel, decrease inflammation in the muscles and joints, and increase the anabolic process.

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our contrast bath

Once the training is complete, the athlete has access to our contrast bath. These baths are set at specific temperatures specified by research to accelerate the recovery process. Athletes who alternate between the baths for 15 minutes report decreased muscle and joint soreness and, when tested, showed an increase in rate of muscle strength gains.

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