Stories Inspire And We Would Love To See Yours Do The Same!

Below are some places online where you can share your story. For each place you share, we will give you $20 towards any service here.

Here are the steps to take:

1. Answer these questions below to help write your story.
a. What was the original injury, pain, difficulty you were having before you came here?
b. How did it affect your life and what emotions did you feel because of your pain, injury, or difficulties?
c. If you had any doubts or concerns prior to coming about getting better, what were they? (if none, skip to next question)

d. Describe your experience here at Body Solutions and what stood out to you.

e. What benefits did you receive and how do you feel now?


You can type out the answers onto any word processor and then paste it to the sites below.

Great! Now, you just need to print the page of each review and redeem it here for the $20 for EACH (up to a total of $80)


Yup, just bring it in or your can email if to us at and let us know what service you would like the credit to go towards.


Thank you for your story!


It’s these little bits of effort that can have tremendous ripple effects on others.