The missing factor to optimal fitness goals

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Many of us typically exercise at least 4 to 5 days per week or more. The frequency of workouts multiple times per week would make us think that our bodies would change drastically. Contrary to what we believe their are aspects of health and fitness that we do not know. The areas that we don’t know cause us to get frustrated and quit. Our frustration could lead to more hours of punishing ourselves in the gym and wondering why the extra pounds are still their.

Proper nutrition by fare is the component of fitness that each of us neglect or are inconsistent with. We tell ourselves this is the last day before I begin my “Diet” so eat everything is sight. The word diet has a negative connotation around it.We think dieting is about eating nothing but lettuce and vegetables so we suffer during the whole process. Dieting should be removed from our vocabulary because it is like holding our breath which will not last long. Modifying our Nutrition is the right terminology to use and implement into our daily lifestyle.The goal should be to create a balanced nutrition plan within a certain calorie budget.Many of us exceed the amount of calories to take in daily which leads to excess weight gain regardless if we consuming lean meats and healthy starches.

Deciding the right calorie intake may be a challenge. Many of us use Weight Watchers point system, Jenny Craig, South Beach Diet, or do some type of fasting. The problem with unconventional methods such as this will lead to short term results with a rebound affect of weight gain when the plan ceases. How do we know how many calories to take in? Well there are certain devices on the market or at local gyms which provide an individualized calorie intake based on resting metabolism. The Body Gem by HealtheTech measures resting metabolism multiplied by our lifestyle factor.The lifestyle factor is based on how active or inactive we are. For example if the Body Gem measures 1200, then we multiply 1200 x our lifestyle factor which could range from 1.3 to 1.6. The lower number is for sedentary individuals and the higher variable is for active exercisers or laborers. If we use the 1200 example multiplied by 1.3 then our basal metabolic rate is 1560. Many of us aspire to loose weight so in order to drop at least 1 lb per week we need to be in a 3,500 calorie per week deficit or 500 calories per day. Using the Body Gem device plus an active lifestyle and sensible nutrition plan provides a formula for success.

Although budgeting our calories is part of the missing ingredient to weight lose, consuming a sensible nutrition plan is also just as important. We need essential nutrients for our bodies to function efficiently such as our brain, nervous system, organs, and muscles. Some foods may be low in fat and calories but not nutritious such as iceberg lettuce, however lean meat and eggs are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Including assorted fruits and vegetables at most meals will also help guarantee adequate vitamin, fiber, and mineral intake as well as maintain energy. Assuming, we don’t not know, simply cutting back on cakes, candy, soda, and other empty calories foods can contribute to drastic results. In addition we need to assume control over are eating habits. Many of us have trouble refusing foods offered to us in fear of not being polite. We need to know how to politely decline food offers so we can keep on track.

Choosing the right calorie budget based on individuals needs and a nutrient dense food plan will contribute to favorable results. We need to be confident enough to be consistent with our nutrition and calorie needs. A 10% to 20% set back will not sabotage results. Overcoming a minor set back will only give us the mental fortitude to continue in the right direction. Remember we need to find a fitness center that will test our resting metabolism. Obtaining the rmr is essential to nutrition success. Body Solutions in Voorhees NJ, provides metabolism testing. The expert staff of degreed and certified trainers will give a calorie budget plus additional information such as the right proportion of carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

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