True Transformation

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With so many gyms offering “Transformation” programs promising quick weight loss through competitions, we decided to offer something that actually helps with Permanent weight loss instead of hurting it…

Think about it, the behavior it takes to lose weight quickly are:

1. Go on strict diet

2. Make massive changes in behavior

3. Use lots of dedication to “stick with the program”

4. Avoid “bad” foods and feel guilty when you do eat it

5. Be told what to do and are accountable to your trainer through micro management


Yes, it DOES feel great to lose the weight and even win the challenge. However is that sustainable?

Let’s look at the process of sustainable weight loss:

1. Develop habits that may not lead to weight loss this month but will sustain life long health (for example, drink one extra glass of water a day)

2. Change only one or two habits and focus on sustaining it (feels like less work and is more sustainable)

3. Use the process of permanent change in mindset –> habits instead of using “will power” and “sacrifice”

4. You learn how to be self accountable and find your BIG WHY (something that motivates you) instead of being accountable to your train (he or she won’t be around forever…)

5. You enjoy the process instead of feeling like you have to. You get to…


Now that you can see the difference, we created a program from 20+ years of experience in helping people PERMANENTLY lose weight and feel great.

The True Transformation program includes:

1. Our Unique Coordination Assessment that allows a trainer to match the right exercises to your body’s capabilities so you avoid “Hidden Injuries” (movements that don’t hurt at the moment but will cause permanent joint damage in the future)

2. Weekly 60 minute coaching sessions in a group setting that includes a customized workout (we are the ONLY fitness facility that can do this). Unlike other classes your movements are customized to YOU so you get in amazing shape without getting hurt

3. The workouts are balanced with movement and with stillness. Meditation is included to reduce stress and coaching is done to help you let go of thoughts, habits, and behaviors that do not serve you.

4. Mindset coaching program to help you identify the beliefs that don’t serve you and replace them with ones that can make success, health, and happiness easier and without sacrifice.


It is truly the most comprehensive and holistic program available.  You can sign up here 

With each workout, you also earn points to help reduce your entire family and your risk for cancer and disease fighting chemicals.

We donate money each month to a charity called They take this money and lobby for legal reform to reduce our exposure to cancer causing and weight promoting chemicals.

Did you know there are 3000+ chemicals in you blood right now that don’t belong there?!?

Yes, that is the average for an adult and 300+ is the average for a NEW BORN baby!

With each workout and each step closer to your goals, you help earn money towards this amazing charity.

You can start this program for only $27 for your first month by clicking here. (only for people who have never been in the program before)

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