Massage for Weight Lifting
Are your muscles running out of room to grow?

Imagine your muscles being like the meat in the sausage. That meat is stuffed into the sausage casing made of fibrous tissue aka fascia. In your body, every muscle is encased in this fascia stuff. When you workout hard, that fascia rubs together and gets inflamed.

From the hard training and inflammation, your fascia gets tight and stiff. That constriction and stickiness makes your muscles tight and stiff. This results in stiffness and pain when you move.

What if you can release that fascia, reduce the pain, relieve the stiffness, AND POSSIBLY MAKE MORE ROOM FOR BIGGER MUSCLES?

You can!Myofascial release treatments from a skilled medical massage therapist can break up the layers of fibrous tissues that are stuck together. This will free up the muscles to move without as much tension and possibly make more room for the muscles to grow.

Massages are a weightlifters’ best resource for recovery AND enhancement. You love that muscles soreness the day after your workouts? It’s the inflammation in the muscles and fascia you’re feeling.

Heavy lifting creates inflammation and scar tissue buildup in your muscles. If you don’t massage them regularly, your adhesions build up and your range of motion decreases. That means you feel stiff and sore a lot more than you should after a tough workout

.Sure, you can get a foam roll or a self massaging tool to massage yourself. However, that’s like trying to buy some materials at Home Depot to build a new addition to your house without any experience as a carpenter. Your muscles and fascia have multiple layers, multiple connections, and run in multiple directions. It’s a complicated system that requires in depth knowledge and a set of skilled hands to fix.

Getting a skilled massage is the number one tool a weightlifter can use to help with recovery. Releasing those knots and freeing up the layers of fascia will reduce your aches and stiffness and improve your muscular development.

Come to Body Solutions for our specialized Body Alignment Technique System designed to free up your muscle fibers and your connective tissues. You will feel the difference after just one treatment.

Our massage therapists will feel your muscles and access for tightness and constriction. After seeing where your problems are, they will use a combination of deep tissue massage, stretching, and specific nutrients to speed up healing to make you feel like you can conquer any workout without aches and pains again.

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