Massage for Yoga and Pilates Students in Voorhees, Marlton, Cherry Hill

Your body requires a specific approach of massage to work with the Yoga and Pilates. If the massage is too hard, it creates inflammation. That inflammation creates adhesions that LIMIT your mobility. This is why we created a specific massage therapy system for Yoga and Pilates practitioners in Voorhees, Marlon, and Cherry Hill NJ.

Your entire massage protocol needs to be focus on anti-inflammation.

Because our entire massage system is based on our medical science, we have created a specific system just for Pilates and Yoga practitioners. Our system uses a combination of therapeutic exercises to correct muscles imbalances along with fascial release techniques. Then we add in specific nutrients we give you to naturally reduce inflammation and speed up healing.

This holistic approach is the combination of Eastern and Western medicine applied to your body. You will heal faster than simply getting a “massage”. Our system is more than that. It addresses your entire body, your muscles, your fascia, your cells, and your overall energy system.

You have two choices to be pain free. You can call us at 856-751-8881 to book or simply click here to book online at your convenience now.