is it possible to lose 3 inches (from exactly where you want to lose it) in 1 week without surgery, dangerous diets, and exhausting exercise?
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    Well… we have already helped clients achieve exactly that goal and you are about to learn how you can use this system to forever change your body no matter how much weight you have (even if you have low levels of motivation). We’ve made it easy for you to finally succeed!

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    As you read below about how we have made a proven technology called Lipo Laser 3 x better (imagine losing 3 x more fat from your trouble areas and keeping it off) you will be able to make a smart decision on how to easily use this system for yourself.

Let’s work together to explore the proven system and how you can use it to shape your body the way you want it look (lose more inches in 4 weeks than a whole year without the struggle).

Before we get to the technology, you’re about to learn how fat loss and losing inches really works. By reading and understanding this you will avoid wasting massive amounts of time and money on ineffective programs, diets, and pills. You are about to gain full control of how your body looks and feels in the next few minutes.

You’re about to get the complete recipe on how to get rid of those unwanted bulges (This is exciting isn’t it?).

OK, let’s work together through the steps so you can use this science to look amazing and feel good about your body again. Get ready for that “pre baby” body again! (If you are guy who wants this program, get ready for that lean teen body!)

Once you understand each of the steps below, you will already have everything you need to make a helpful decision on how to best use this program for your body.

STEP 1 – Understanding The Facts Of Fat Loss

Here is the good and bad news.

The bad news… Your body can not make itself burn fat from any specific area, unless we use some type of added technology (more about that in a minute). In other words, you can do 1 million sit-ups and your body can not burn more fat from your belly as compared to anywhere else.

In fact, a study was done to compare sit-ups with walking for fat burning. It took TEN  minutes of sit-ups to burn the same amount of fat as ONE minute of walking.

So when it comes to burning fat and melting inches off your “hard to lose” areas, maximizing TOTAL FAT Burning is the Key to your success. (you will learn how to do this below)

Imagine fat burning being like pulling a 10 inch long rubber band. When you pull on the rubber band you can’t control where the tension goes right? You can’t make more tension at inch number 4 versus 7. The tension will be even and is only increased overall as you pull harder. (There a picture below to help you see how this works)

As you can see, you can “turn on” fat burning however you can not tell it to be more in one area versus another (unless you use the technology you’re about to learn…)

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    Here is the good news for you…

When you add technology to the fat burning process, you can FORCE your body to melt fat from EXACTLY where you want to lose it from (arms, stomach, thighs, butt, etc… You get to chose where!)

Also, science has figured out the best type of workouts to burn the most fat possible in the shortest amount of time without you being dreadfully sore or even worse, injured.

You are doing GREAT! I know there is a lot of science here but I know you want to be completely empowered with the knowledge to fully take back control of your body.

Now let’s work together on STEP 2 below to make that happen today.

STEP 2 – Forcing Fat Loss Using Science Proven Technology

Using the rubber band example, you could make more tension in one specific spot if you introduced an external force. Let’s imagine you want more tension specifically at inch #5 (imagine that spot being the one body part you want to lose the most inches) because you feel it’s too thick and fat there.

If you held the rubber band and pulled at the tips, then I grabbed inch #4 and #6 and pulled.

Again, imagine inch #5 is the area you want to lose the most fat and most inches…

`Working Together we will create more tension (and thus more  fat loss) at inch #5 specifically where you want to lose it! (we have clients that lost THREE INCHES around their stomach in ONE WEEK)

So what is this proven technology and how did we make it 3 x more effective than the research and other providers? (Hey, the research and other providers have demonstrated losses of 1 inch per week and that is GREAT! We just applied our understanding of body chemistry and made it 3 x more effective for you).

Before we get to how, I’m going to help you understand how fat cells work and how your body processes fat. After you understand this you will be able to make smarter decisions on losing inches where you want to lose it from today.

Imagine a large 10 x 10 break room (your fat cell) filled with 50 workers (amount of fat in the cell). This room has one door to get in and out of (your fat cell’s ability to release fat and shrink). The workers are tired and they are there just sitting and relaxing.

You are the boss and over the years, you have hired too many employees (ok you ate a little more than your body needed) and you want them out of this room to work! (too much fat and inches have built up and you want it GONE).

They’re just resting in this room (i.e. a fat cell filled with too much fat stuck inside the fat cell).

Your goal is to motivate the workers to get out of the room and never come back in! (i.e. to shrink your fat cells and lose inches quickly and forever)

You’re about to get the simple 4 step system below that works on any body type at any age to lose inches fast AND from Exactly where you want. 

FIRST – Energize: Well, imagine handing all the workers a triple espresso (gives the FAT more energy to move so the fat shrinks MUCH easier)

Energize Fat To Move

SECOND – Move: Then you turn up the thermostat in the room to 100 degrees. (gives FAT the motivation to get out the cell to immediately lose inches)

Motivate Fat To Exit Cell

THIRD – Accelerate: You install 4 more doors (so the FAT can exit the cell Faster and Easier to lose more inches)

Accelerate Exit Process

FOURTH – Remove: You want to make sure the workers stay out and don’t come back in (so you keep the inches you lost using this system!)

Remove Fat And Inches Permanently
“Getting the fat excited, out of the cells, and burning them off immediately EQUALS MORE INCHES LOST where you want to lose it!”Dr. Steve


So how do you ENERGIZE –> MOVE –> ACCELERATE –> REMOVE the fat using this system?

Just read below to learn how. (see how easy this is 🙂 )

First, you use the energy from a Laser.

This is what happens to a fat cell then you expose the cell to specific wavelengths of light (i.e. laser power). The laser gives the fat more energy and makes the fat exit the cell. When it does, the cell shrinks.


So is it as simple as using a laser on your trouble areas?

Well, yes and no…

Laser therapy is also known as “Lipolaser”, and does the first Two parts well (Energizes and Moves). It doesn’t address the Third and Forth parts.

Doing just Lipo Laser would be like making a recipe with only half the ingredients. Using ALL of the ingredients is how we are able to 3 x the effectiveness above other providers (and even better news, offer it at less cost if you act on it today…).

Lipo Laser only helps energize the fat and motivates them to get out of the cell. It doesn’t help them get out FASTER and KEEP THEM OUT. You still need to help ACCELERATE and REMOVE the fat to maximize the fat loss.

There are dozens of Lipo Laser centers in the south Jersey area charging between $2000-5000 dollars for the treatments (per area). Typically it’s $300-$500 per session on average and well worth the investment.

However, they have not maximized the effects of Lipo Laser by addressing the Third and Fourth necessary parts.

Luckily we’re figured out how to make it much more effective and made the process a much smarter investment for you!


Using a device that takes earth’s natural magnetic waves and pulsing it into your body at a specific frequency, medical studies have proven the increased “tissue permeability” effects. When you combine this with Lipo Laser, they work synergistically to literally Melt Inches Off Immediately.

This means the FAT WILL EXIT YOUR CELLS 40% BETTER AND FASTER using NASA technology called PEMF. Yes, we have these machines and include it with this system.

So that solves The THIRD part (ACCELERATE  the fat exiting the fat cell).

How do we get the fat to stay out? By the way, if you don’t do this, the fat just goes right back into the cell later.

This alone is a two step process. Let’s use the worker example so you can fully understand this process (at this point, you probably know more about how fat loss works than most doctors and fitness trainers!)

When the workers exit the room, imagine that they are talking to their friends and each of them travel in small groups of three. It’s like having “clicks” in high school lunchroom again…

When they are in those groups of three they don’t work and nothing gets done. Picture the three workers holding hands…

Now, let’s learn how to burn your fat off fast and for good. (SMILE and imagine how you will feel when you look in the mirror a few weeks from now…)

This is how the fat behaves in your body. You have “triglycerides”. “tri” means three. It’s like having 3 fat cells stuck together and you need them to separate so they can go and do work (to be burned off and never go back into the cell).

Unfortunately, the laser and the magnetic waves do not help with this.

Now naturally, your body can separate the fat, but it’s a SLOW PROCESS

However, there are specific natural nutrients you can eat or take in pill form to force the fat to separate significantly faster and better. The more the three fat cells can separate, the more fat you can burn leading to more inches melted off immediately.

As a former professor of Exercise Physiology for UMDNJ and head of research and development for a nutritional company, we have figured out what the specific nutrients are.

As you take the specific research proven and safe nutrients, it makes the Lipo Laser process much more effective so you lose more inches faster. Our data shows 3 x more!


So after the laser is applied with the magnetic pulses to get more of the fat out faster, the specific nutrients will separate the fat into useable fat. Now you have all this fat ready to be burned off.

So what do you do next to make sure you lose those inches FAST and immediately?

Now all you have to do is “push” that fat away from the area and burn it.

STEP 4 – Move And Burn

After you apply all the science from the previous 3 steps, you now have a lot of usable fat squeezed out of your trouble areas. However, our goal here is to work together on getting that fat AWAY from those spots and burn them off.

So, after the lipo laser, you would benefit from massaging the area using specific techniques to push the fat and fluid away from the area. Typically a 5 -10 minute process is effective and the duration depends on the size of the area.

A specific “fat flushing” manual technique is needed to help move the fat away from the trouble area and directly help you lose MORE inches.

Once the fat is moved away, the next step is to burn it off.

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    If you don’t use up the fat that is floating around after the lipo laser, it just goes back into the trouble areas to be stored again. So how do we burn that fat off as efficiently and effectively as possible?

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    When it comes to fat burning, the scientific approach is to expend as much energy as possible (to burn the fat) without getting horrifically sore the next day from excessive inflammation.

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    If you’ve ever worked out too hard before only to experience the “I can’t move my legs” the next day, then you know how this feels. Luckily, there is a specific way to workout that allows you to work at 100% effort while minimizing the inflammation and soreness afterward.

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    The process is called “concentric only” resistance. Using specific machines and specific ways to move the body, you can burn a tremendous amount of fat without being so sore the next day. Luckily you can do this in less than 15-20 minutes.

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    We created this system specifically to make Lipo Laser MORE EFFECTIVE for you so you see inches lost in just ONE SESSION

Traditional Exercise Soreness And Pain Response
Concentric Only Soreness And Pain Response

Now that you understand how to achieve the holy grail of fitness (i.e. “spot reduce”) to lose inches where you want to, what is the next step to take?

There are many Lipo Laser facilities in South Jersey helping people from Voorhees, Cherry Hill, Marlton, and surrounding areas. Feel free to look at their programs to see if they are doing this 4 step approach.

You NOW understand how this all works and why it is 3 x more effective than just the standard and REALLY popular lipo laser programs out there.

Next you have two choices.

You can either continue on without making the helpful choice to use the program. I’m sure a lot of people will do exactly that. However consider where that take you 1 year from now or even 10 years from now. How will you feel as you see the weight continuing to slowly increase? What would your health be like?

As you are imagining your future self, decide to use this easy system if your future self is not full of vibrant health and energy enjoying life with the body you want. 

The decision today can and will be the start of a future you that took the grateful step to turn your health around. 

Imagine the future you thanking you with a BIG SMILE and with tears of gratitude for deciding to get healthy TODAY. 

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